Brazil Peacock Bass

Brazil Fly Fishing for Peacock BassOne of the world's toughest freshwater predators, the peacock bass delivers it all - bone-jarring strikes, crazy aerial acrobatics and persistent runs into your backing. Combine this phenomenal fish with the Amazon travel experience and you have the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Like largemouth bass, the peacock prefers to ambush unsuspecting prey from a stealthy vantage point. They are truly gluttons; eating all the time. The similarity ends there, however. The peacock bass is much more eye-appealing than its North American counterpart, colorfully adorned in varying shades of green, blue, orange and gold. Peacocks are far more aggressive than largemouths, often pursuing lures or prey larger than themselves. They routinely break lines, shatter rods and destroy tackle that would subdue the toughest largemouth. The peacock has evolved as a world-class gamefish, flourishing in an environment filled with unsavory characters

Castafy offers two fantastic operations serving up Peacock Bass in Brazil.  Enjoy comfort at the Agua Boa Lodge or challenge yourself with River X's liveaboard operation.  Either way, you'll find out what Peacock Bass are all about.

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