About Exotic Trips

About One-Of-A-Kind Trips
One-Of-A-Kind Trips - You won't catch fish like this just anywhere!There are some places, certain times and special dreams that every angler has in his soul that stands out above the usual. Whether it’s a unique locale or special occasion, it’s imbedded as the adventure of a lifetime.   But, how do you get there? 
We at Castafly like to offer these off the beaten path and tempting trips to satisfy even the most traveled angler’s desires. Think in terms of golden dorado instead of trout, taimen versus tarpon or peacock bass not salmon. The world is filled with beasts that like to take a fly. We’ve found a bunch of them. These quarries will open new doors to global fly fishing, will pull you into visiting exotic lands and will keep your lust for big fish alive. New and exciting fishing stories are the end result.
Locations such as these aren’t handled by your regular travel agency.  They demand that we go the extra mile searching for features that make a trip special in every aspect.  Our One-Of-A-Kind destinations deserve a careful examination for the traveling angler who is seeking  the next best spot. 
Our One-Of-A-Kind trips offer something different, unique, and something that memories are made of.   Give us a call at 877-311-8359 or e-mail us with more questions.  If there's anyplace on the planet we want to talk about, One-Of-A-Kind Trips is it.