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Farquhar Seychelles Fly Fishing

There are some places and adventures in life that the traveler/angler needs to experience and remember, call it your own personal bucket list if you like. The Seychelles are this type of place and the fishing the adventurous angler finds there is unique and exciting. Just the possibility of catching not only huge bonefish, but the unique to the Seychelles species such as various Trevally species including ferocious trophy sized Giant Trevally, the finicky Indo-Pacific Permit, Triggerfish, Barracuda, Bumphead Parrotfish and Milkfish. The Farquhar Atoll is the most southerly in the Seychelles chain of islands, lying just over 1100 miles to the southwest of the main island of Mahe which is located off the eastern coast of southern Africa. It’s here that the Farquhar Fishing Lodge bases its fishing operations. Fishing either the flats or the central lagoon the hard white sand, turtle grass and broken coral makes for comfortable wading and fishing. However don’t think it’s solely about the fishing, this is a cultural experience in a far away country in a remote setting. The accommodations are comfortable yet basic, the cuisine is international flavored, the service is first class and the comradeship is what memories are made of.


Seychelles Fly Fishing FarquharFishing at the atoll is best done on a split schedule. The first part of the season traditionally runs from early November to mid December and the second part from late February to mid April, with a break over the festive season. These are the peak periods as January is one of the rainiest months in the Seychelles and May to October brings the strong south-eastern monsoon rainy season. The day’s fishing is planned with the guides the evening before where each pair of anglers can help decide on the species and location for the next day’s adventure. Your personal guide will lead you onto the flats and help you identify the desired target species, the areas which they frequent and explain the correct techniques with which to catch them. Each guide is a qualified skipper, has first aid experience and is extremely experienced with all facets of fly fishing the remote saltwater destinations of the Indian Ocean. Their dedication is infectious and rest assured they will definitely go the extra mile in search of your fish of a lifetime. Added to this, each guide has the use of one of our four new tender boats which are ideally designed for accessing the flats as well as allowing us to maximize the fantastic offshore fishing Farquhar has to offer.


Farquhar Seychelles Fly Fishing Farquhar’s lodge is a basic, but comfortable, guesthouse which caters to ten anglers at a time. Everyone is accommodated in the main lodge which is fully air-conditioned and has five twin en-suite bedrooms and a central lounge. The lodge is equipped with 24 hour 220 volt electricity, air-conditioning and has a constant supply of hot water. There is full housekeeping as well as a daily laundry service available. An undercover dining area on the water’s edge with a magnificent view forms an idyllic backdrop for both breakfast and dinner. All meals are served around the outside dining area with the chef preparing a mix of Creole and international food. There is an adequate bar with beer and spirits and the visitor has the ability to special order spirits for their arrival.

2010 Results

Feedback from the first week on St Brandon’s is that all anglers and guides really had a great trip.FlyCastaway had a look at the guides’ weekly blog entry…”Their first session saw them shaking off the cob webs and fishing a falling tide for Bonefish. The group had the opportunity to lean into some superb single and doubles, as well as large shoals of good sized fish. Dick Gushman also opened the species count with a Barracuda that smashed his fly right against the shore of Isle Paul. It was great to be back!”

During the remaining days of the trip their anglers landed more Bonefish than they could have hoped for, “the guests (a group of really well travelled anglers) all seemed super impressed at the sheer size and quantity of the Bones, but at the same time were obviously appreciating the sheer rawness of our location. Complete isolation with abundant fish and birdlife, and of course, the thousands of Bones which pounced on their flies with reckless abandon. Now that’s fishing worth travelling for!”

The guides also reported that they had fantastic fishing for Indo-Pacific Permit. So much so, that all of the anglers had multiple shots when targeting permit. These fish are never easy to fool, and so congratulations must certainly go to Ivan Ramirez who landed some real beauties.

We look forward to the remainder of the season on the magnificent MY-Gryphon. This mother ship along with her 4 tender boats has proven to be an ideal platform from which to access this incredible fishery.

Check Out Farquhar Atoll

Seychelles Details
    Rates for Farquhar
    • 7,000 / per person
    What's Included at Farquhar

    • Return flight Mahe-Farquhar-Mahe
    • 7 Nights at the Lodge (Shared Accommodations)
    • All Meals
    • Soft Drinks & Mineral Water
    • Landing Fees
    • 6 days guided fishing
    What's Not Included at Farquhar

    • International flights (JHB-Mahe-JHB +/- R5000.00pp.(FlyCastaway will do the bookings for all pax leaving from South Africa)
    • Overnight accommodation on Mahe if needed
    • Ground Transfers on Mahe
    • Tackle & Flies
    • Gratuities
    • Alcohol
    • Mandatory emergency medical evacuation policy (We recommend Global Rescue)
    • Travel insurance (This is of utmost importance as the islands of the Seychelles are remote.  FlyCastaway and the guesthouse operator reserve the right to cancel a trip if a client is not adequately insured.
    • Personal Expenses
    Guests are expected to arrive in Mahe on the Friday before or early on the Saturday morning of the day of the charter flight to Farquhar. The group will meet an hour before the scheduled departure time at the domestic terminal (next to the international terminal). The flight from Mahe to Farquhar is one hour forty five minutes onboard a private chartered Beechcraft 1900. Guests are then transferred in true island style via tractor and trailer on a short fifteen minute ride to the guesthouse, which will be your home and base for the weeks fishing.

    Once everyonehas settled into the guesthouse, there will be a briefing from the head guide on the fishing at Farquhar. The guides will then help you get all your tackle
    rigged for the following day’s fishing excursions. If there is still time, guests are more than welcome to fish some areas close to the lodge before sunset. The group will spend the next six days fishing and exploring the islands, flats and channels of Farquhar Atoll.

    On the seventh morning the group will have plenty of time to pack their gear and prepare to fly back to Mahe. The flight from Farquhar to Mahe will leave at midday and on arrival guests will connect to their international flights or overnight in Mahe.


    Everyone traveling to Seychelles must have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of travel.


    Visas are not required. A Visitor’s Permit is issued upon arrival at the airport. Travelers must have a return (or onward) air ticket, pre-booked accommodation and sufficient money for their stay. If not, visitors may be required to post a security bond.


    Arriving passengers may import 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250g tobacco; 1 liter of spirits or wine; 125ml perfume or 250ml eau de toilette; and other normally dutiable goods worth up to 1000 Seychelles rupees (US$200). Firearms (including air powered devices) spear fishing equipment and non-prescription drugs are
    strictly prohibited.

    Terms and Conditions/Cancellation and Refund Policies for Farquhar

    Once Castafly Travel, LLC receives a deposit or final payment for any type of trip, it is anacknowledgment and agreement by the client to all Terms and Conditions and Cancellation and Refund policies:

    Non-refundable deposits and payment.

    Your payment for a trip is non-refundable, regardless of the means for payment, be it credit card, cash or check.


    Unless otherwise noted by the vendor,
    • 50% of the total package price per angler/trip package is due to Castafly Travel, LLC within 14 days of initial booking. This deposit will secure all reservations.
    • The balance or full payment of package price per angler/trip package is due to Castafly Travel, LLC at least 90 days before first day of scheduled trip
    • Castafly Travel, LLC reseves the right to charge a service fee of $100 for any changes to the reservation after initial booking.
    Cancellation and Refund Policy 

    Unless otherwised noted by the vendor,
    • All cancellations for any type of trip must be made in writing to Castafly Travel, LLC. Castafly Travel, LLC reserves the right to charge a service fee of $100 for any cancellations of any type of reservation.
    • Cancellation outside of 90 days prior to scheduled departure – 90% of deposit or payment refund or transfer of funds to another scheduled time or another angler.
    • Cancellation between 60 and 90 days prior to scheduled departure - 70% of deposit or payment refund or transfer of funds to another scheduled time or another angler.
    • Cancellation between 30 and 60 days prior to scheduled departure – 60% of deposit or payment refund or transfer of funds to another scheduled time or another angler.
    • Cancellation 30 days or less prior to scheduled departure – No refund of deposit or final payment.
    Trip cancellation insurance and evacuation insurance.

    Because your deposit and other payment is non-refundable, Castafly Travel, LLC suggests you consider trip and medical evacuation insurance. This insurance is the best way to avoid losing your deposit due to unanticipated circumstances or emergencies. Because Castafly Travel, LLC has no ability to control your deposit onceit is forwarded to the respective lodge, outfitter, etc., we have developed a relationship with Sportsman’s Travel Insurance.

    We also recommend trip evacuation/rescue insurance with Global Rescue, a medical and security evacuation service. We strongly urge to consider these types of insurance, be it with Sportsman’s Travel, Global Rescue, or some other trip and medical evacuation insurance company. A brochure for each company is included in your pre-trip planning package.

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    Itinerary alterations.

    Castafly Travel reserves the right to make such alterations in the itinerary as it deems in its discretion, necessary or desirable, to refuse to accept or retain as a member of the party any person at any time (in such case refund will be based on the actual cost of the unfinished portion of tour) and to pass on to tour clients expenditures caused by delays or offense beyond our control.


    Castafly Travel, LLC reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to departure, in which case full refund will constitute full settlement to the client.

    Prices subject to change.

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    Baggage and personal effects.

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