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Turks & Caicos
Welcome to the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory consisting of two groups of tropical islands in the West Indies, the larger Caicos Islands and the smaller Turks Islands. The Turks and Caicos Islands lie southeast of Mayaguana in the Bahamas and north of the island of Hispaniola. Though directly in line below the Bahamas, the Islands are a political entity unto themselves.

Turks & Caicos Fly Fishing for bonefish.Long undiscovered by the flats fishing family, lying in the southern shadow of the more well known Bahamian chain, the Turks and Caicos have come into the scene thanks to Bibo Jaynes and his South Caicos Beyond the Blue Charters and their unique air boat transportation to skinny flats teeming with average to large bonefish and lots of them. Beyond the Blue specializes in Airboat bonefishing and accessing flats that were never before fished! They are the only Bonefishing charter company on South Caicos and deliver an experience that is unmatchable in the Bonefishing arena. We speed across virtually dry sections of the Caicos bank in a 24' Airboat to put you on absolutely gorgeous, hard bottomed flats just teaming with bonefish! On a given day, you might run into anything from schools of several hundred bonefish ranging from 3-6lbs, to schools smaller in number but with fish 7lbs and over. You might even stalk after the "big boys" who usually swim alone or in groups of two or three. But what ever the tide brings, you will spend the day wading in knee deep water as clear and beautiful as any picture book can offer.


As unique as it sounds fishing using an airboat for transportation is an extremely practical idea. Never again will you not be able to access that pristine flat because the water is too shallow or the distance is too far to walk. With an airboat one can zoom across flats in inches of water or even across wet sand with ease. This is the ultimate delivery system for all 6 anglers on the boat and gives everyone the opportunity to wade miles of perfect flats in search of either great numbers of fish or selectively picking out that special trophy.

A typical day might consist of leaving the beach about 8am and head for the flats. We are in the beginning of the flat system in as little as 5-10 minutes. As we traverse the flats, we scan for fish. When we start to see them, we stop the boat and begin to wade out into the area. As you wade and catch fish, the guide will periodically walk back and bring the boat up so it is always within a short walk for the anglers. We have lunch on the boat and return to the beach about 4pm. By wading, everyone fishes the whole day! Not like the traditional poled skiff where you really only handle a rod for half the time as you share the deck with another angler. We will take groups of up to 6 so there is plenty of space on the boat. The South Caicos flat system is huge so you are not competing for space as you wade.

Turks & Caicos Fly Fishing

The lodging and meals are taken in an apartment style lodge with a full time cook and wait staff. All rooms are double occupancy with private bath and to make it even better the lodge overlooks the Caribbean making enjoying that sunset with your favorite libation even more enjoyable. All rooms are air conditioned, well maintained and comfortable with all the quality amenities any angler can demand.

To top it all off there’s no transportation necessary to get to the airboats as the dock lies directly below the lodge and is ready for that early morning takeoff. There are also available two 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath houses that can accomadate up to eight people. All meals are included, breakfast in the lodge, a great “in the boat” lunch, and excellent dinners in island fashion with an accent on fish and fowl.
Turks & Caicos Details
    2011 Rates for Turks and Caicos

     Single OccupancyDouble Occupancy
    3 Day / 4 Night$2,625$3,000
    4 Day / 5 Night$3,325$3,825
    5 Day / 6 Night$4,015$4,630
    6 Day / 7 Night$4,715$5,420
    What's Included at Turks & Caicos
    • Lodging
    • Guiding and Boat
    • Meals
    • Transports from South Caicos Airport to the Lodge
    • Fishing License
    What's Not Included at Turks and Caicos
    • Transportation to South Caicos Island
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Fishing gear
    • Flies
    Flying out of a number of Eastern and Midwestern departure points, on any number of airlines, to Providenciales [PLS], Turks and Caicos, and depart from there to South Caicos on Air Turks and Caicos. From there you will be met by a representative from the lodge for the 15 minute drive to the lodge. Below is a list of international airlines servicing Providenciales:

    Air Canada
    Montréal-Trudeau [seasonal], Ottawa [seasonal], Toronto-Pearson
    Air Turks and Caicos
    Grand Turk, Kingston, Nassau, North Caicos, Salt Cay, Santiago de los Caballeros, South Caicos
    American Airlines
    Boston [seasonal], Dallas/Fort Worth [seasonal], Miami, New York-JFK
    British Airways
    London-Heathrow, Nassau
    Montreal-Trudeau [seasonal]
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Connection
    operated by Pinnacle Airlines
    Atlanta [seasonal]
    US Airways
    Boston [seasonal], Charlotte, Philadelphia [seasonal]
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