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Bolivia Fly Fishing

The Amazon conjures up many words: mysterious, unknown, lush, hidden, strange, remote and untouched. Most people think of it as a place they’ll never encounter. It’s as far away in their imagination as it is in real geography. But it is there, and you can go to it, see it, experience it, and remember it for the rest of your life.

In the heart of Bolivia, you'll find some of the most untouched, amazing rivers in the world—of most importance, the Isiboro and the Secure tributaries to the Mamoré River. Part of the Amazon River Basin, the Mamoré is home to a massive run of several species of fish. This aquatic migration, not unlike the annual Alaskan Salmon runs, proves to be a moving hunting ground for the aggressive Golden Dorado that change the color of the water by their sheer size and number. These otherworldly fish are smart and brutal, alert and aggressive, beautiful and powerful. They are like no other fish you’ve hooked.

Castafly Travel is happy to partner with the best lodge in the region, in order to expose you not only to mind-boggling fishing but also to geographical and cultural wonder. The Amazon: you simply have to see it for yourself.

Tsimane Lodge

Tsimane Lodge Bolivia Fly FishingTsimane Lodge is in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon, a place that brings to mind words like mystery, strange, remote. It’s situated near the Vilcabamba-Amboró conservation corridor, a sub-Andean strip of tropical Andes between Peru and Bolivia that hosts the National Park and Indian Reservation Isiboro Secure. This region is home to some of the most untouched, amazing rivers in the world—of most importance, the Isiboro and the Secure tributaries to the Mamoré River. And it’s in these rivers and tributaries where you’ll find the majestically brutal golden dorado in abundance.

• Remote, mesmerizing Amazon location
• Huge populations of golden dorado in several fisheries
• Stays at two separate lodges, maximizing fishing opportunities
• Comfortable accommodations and fine cuisine

The Fishing

Fly-fishing for huge golden dorado in small clear water, freestone rivers has to be experienced to truly put it into context. Though fish are plentiful, so are the challenges. The dorado is voracious hunter and savvy. Easily spooked, stealth and accurate casts are a premium in order to experience the sudden attack of your large fly. Once hooked, you’ll feel like you’re holding onto a rope lassoed around a raging bull. The guides at Tsimane Lodge have been exploring, fishing and guiding these rivers long enough to know the place, the time and the fly like the backs of their hands. Specially designed boats, based on the natives’ canoes, help them navigate you upstream and downstream in search of your next fish, providing you the opportunity of an angling lifetime.


The Tsimane experience is based on two separate lodges—the Secure and Pluma lodges—each with two double cabins constructed with magnificent local wood. Comfortable beds, private bathrooms with hot water and electric lights ensure you a peaceful rest in the midst of the thick jungle-like environs. There is also the chance you may stay at the out-camp, where you’ll sleep in the deepest natural surroundings you’ve ever slept in.

Every night, you will be pleased with delicious international cuisine and great Argentine wines. Satellite Internet and phone service is available for guests as well.
Bolivia Details
    Rates at Tsimane Lodge
    • $7200 / person
    What's Included:
    • 10 Nights Lodging
    • 8 Days Fishing
    • Meals
    What's Not Included
    • International Flights to and from Santa Cruz
    • Travel Insurance and Evacuation Services - Highly Recommended
    • Fishing Tackle
    • Tourist Visa Fees
    Deposit and Cancellation Policy

    To confirm a reservaton on a trap, a 50% desposit is required per person. Reservations made within 30 days require a full payment.  Final payment is due 30 days before departure.  If this installment is not paid when due, the operator reserves the right to treat and consider the reservation as cancelled. 

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    Travel Information for Tsimane Lodge

    Once you get to Santa Cruz, Bolivia (airport code VVI) Tsimane Lodge takes over your logistics needs.  On the night of your arrival,  you will stay in a 5 –star hotel in Santa Cruz.  In the morning,  you'll take small plane to Tsimane’s Asunta Base Camp. Multiple Airlines from the US via central America and direct flights exist.Travel

    Passports valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Bolivia are required to enter and depart Bolivia.  Therefore, make sure yours is current and not about to expire before you leave home.

    Visitors from most European countries do not require a visa to enter Bolivia, However, please check with your local consulate.

    U.S. Citizens seeking to enter Bolivia as tourists must have an entry visa.  Bolivian tourist visas can be applied for by mail or in person at Bolivian consulates in the U.S., as well as at Bolivian ports of entry, such as at Bolivia's international airports and at land border crossings.  The cost of the tourist visa is $100.00.  Also, U.S. tourists could apply for their entry visa upon arrival in Bolivia and pay the $130 feee in cash to immigration authorities.  In addition to this fee, the applicant must present, along with their visa application a 4x4 centimeters color photograph and their valid passport with an expiration date of not less than 6 months from the date of entry or departure.

    For more information, please visit the Bolivian embassy's web site.  Bolivian consulates in the United States are located in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Oklahoma City, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.


    All visitors to Bolivia should have an up-to-date Yellow Fever Vaccine certification.  We ask you to let us know if you have any special medical condition(s).  Please remember to bring all your personal medications with you.

    Eastern Bolivia is considered a Malaria and Dengue Fever endemic area.  The risk of infection is most prevalent in the low land areas during the rainy season, from December to April.  Although this is neither Tsimane's camp location nor fishing season, several cases have been reported in Santa Cruz city.  Precautions to be taken against these diseases include wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants at all times as well as insect repellent while staying in the city.  As for malaria, medical prophylaxis is recommended.

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    Because your deposit and other payment is non-refundable, Castafly Travel, LLC suggests you consider trip and medical evacuation insurance. This insurance is the best way to avoid losing your deposit due to unanticipated circumstances or emergencies. Because Castafly Travel, LLC has no ability to control your deposit onceit is forwarded to the respective lodge, outfitter, etc., we have developed a relationship with Sportsman’s Travel Insurance.

    We also recommend trip evacuation/rescue insurance with Global Rescue, a medical and security evacuation service. We strongly urge to consider these types of insurance, be it with Sportsman’s Travel, Global Rescue, or some other trip and medical evacuation insurance company. A brochure for each company is included in your pre-trip planning package.

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