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In the upper northeastern corner of Russia exists a land of extreme enchantment, rugged expansion and wildness. Welcome to the Kamchatka Peninsula, where the only thing that rivals your surroundings is the fishing.

Kamchatka is arguably home to the world's greatest diversity of salmonid fish, including all six species of anadromous Pacific salmon—chinook, chum, coho, seema, pink and sockeye. Biologists estimate that a sixth to a quarter of all Pacific salmon originates in Kamchatka, and Kuril Lake is recognized as the biggest spawning-ground for sockeye in Eurasia.

The beautiful TwoYurt River flows east, as a huge run of sockeye, king salmon and rainbows gorge on eggs and flesh and grow to epic size. This is a river of change and complexity as it morphs from pocket water to flat gliding runs. You can also fish the renowned Ozernaya River, which has cemented itself as one of the greatest trout streams of all time. Essentially an oversized spring creek, the “Oz” is sight-fishing heaven, as you drift flies on water brimming with large rainbows averaging over 20 inches.

The Best of Kamchatka is the only agent/outfitter working exclusively on the Kamchatka Peninsula.  Located in the upper northeastern corner of Russia this is a land of extreme enchantment, rugged expansion and wildness. Here, where sight fishing for trophy rainbow trout all day long is the norm and not the exception, the only thing that rivals this fishing is your surroundings in this remote corner of the globe
  • Incredible dry fly fishing for trophy trout and endless hatches
  • Silver salmon and grayling fishing during season
  • Access to two rivers—Two Yurt and Ozernaya—with huge fish populations
  • Comfortable lodge and riverside cabins
The Fishing
The rivers of your dreams wind through the soft fertile valleys of Kamchatka 's interior. They are unspoiled, untouched and exclusively yours with the Best of Kamchatka.  The rainbow trout here are fortunate compared with their Alaskan brethren. Being further south with warmer weather patterns allows for a significantly larger biomass.  This food-rich aquatic environment has created an unpressured fishing Mecca for those seeking monster trout that very may chase a mouse pattern right to your feet.  The average Rainbow is close to 21-inches and 4 pounds, with many exceeding 24-inches and 6 pounds. 
The Ozernaya River
You and your guide have over 15 jet-boatable miles of rainbow infested water to enjoy.  The Ozernaya has been called one of the greatest trout streams of all time. The Oz is a large spring creek with an unbelievable numbers of large rainbows averaging over 20 inches.  Easy to wade and gin clear, much of the fishing is visual.  The Ozernaya has every single ingredient for large Rainbow Trout: bugs, salmon, and a large sculpin population.   The Oz is also blessed with fabulous runs of Silver Salmon.  These chrome bright battlers, available from early August until the end of the season, are sure to test your will.
Two Yurt River
The Two Yurt River is set in perhaps the most beautiful valley on the Peninsula.  Flowing east, the river drains the lake by the same name.  Floating between stationary camps you will fish arguably some of the world’s most beautiful river miles.  With a huge run of sockeye and king salmon, rainbows gorge on eggs and flesh growing to large, thick proportions in the 50 miles below the lake.  To your great luck, fewer anglers fish Two Yurt in a season than many famous Alaska rivers see in a day.

Both the Ozernaya and the Two Yurt have modest populations of Dolly Varden, but do have populations of Trophy Grayling rivaling any in Alaska, or for that matter, the world.  Grayling are wonderful fish for the dry fly enthusiast, coming readily to the surface for any skated caddis during the innumerable seasonal hatches.
The Ozernaya jet boat Lodge is designed for intimacy, with a maximum of 8 guests per week.  Each two-person cabin is spacious, comfortable, dry, bug-free and includes electricity and heat.  Their many amenities include spotless flush toilets, streamside benches, picnic tables, and evening campfires.  Upon returning after a successful day of fishing, you can hang your wet clothes in the drying room and jump into a steaming hot shower. 
The Two Yurt float trip offers the same high standard of comfort and service.  A small group of six anglers per week will travel between stationary cabins located perfectly along the river.  With hot showers, large dining facilities, electricity and heat, nothing is forgotten except the hustle and bustle of the outside world. 
Both programs have central and comfortable dining rooms where you will enjoy delicious food until your hearts content. The menu is American-style with a touch of Russian.  Each morning an American-style breakfast of bacon and eggs, oatmeal or cereal is served.  At your request, guides will prepare fresh fish for lunch on the river.  To satisfy all tastes, they offer a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

People talk of the four corners of the world. In fly-fishing, this is one of them. Let Castafly Travel help you get there.
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