Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip
Now that you’ve had time to consider the possibilities involved in booking a trip to the destination of your dreams, we’re sure that you’ll have additional questions ranging from where, when, with whom, what’s involved, what equipment and why Castafly Travel. Castafly Travel is fully prepared to guide you through all the questions and answers that might come up because it’s simple, we’ve been there and we’ve done it. There are two ways to get instant answers to your questions:
  • Call us at 1-877-311-8359 to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced program managers or booking agents. The person you speak with will know the destination or multiple destinations that you’re interested in, will answer your questions, and will guide you in putting together a successful trip.
  • Send an email to telling us about the trip you might be interested in. Make sure you give us your pertinent contact information along with any message you might choose to leave. Again a representative will contact you by either email or telephone for a personalized and detailed answer to your questions and concerns.
As we work with you regarding your inquiry we’ll help you in choosing the best location, best time and best equipment for your trip. We promise that once you contact Castafly Travel, you’ll be pleased with the service, professionalism and overall trip planning experience.

When Should You Travel?


Tides, controlled by the moon, are confusing to anglers, but if you understand when are the best times during the lunar and tide cycle you can optimize your time on the water and isn’t this what it’s all about? The best fishing is usually during the incoming and outgoing tides, but understanding these movements can help you understand where the best fishing might happen at any time. During strong incoming tides fish are less wary as the strong tide brings in more food and more water over their heads which gives them a sense of security. Look for fish along the shore lines and high areas of the flat. As the tide ebbs and flows out off the flats fish will move out with the tides and find deeper water along side of the receding flat hoping to get the last morsel of food or ambush the bait fish following the tide. It’s easy, no one, whether it be the hunter or the hunted wants to be left without cover, that is water over their head.

The tide cycle is divided into 4 basic periods during a lunar month, approximately 30 days. The first 7 day period is when the moon is full causing the tides to be at their highest high and lowest low. These are known as primary spring tides. During the second seven day period the tides show minimal fluctuation. These are referred to as neap tides. The third cycle is called the secondary spring tides when the moon is dark with again less change than when the moon is full. The fourth cycle is again referred to as a neap tide but has the least amount of tidal flow. When the moon is full tides are moving in and out at the greatest speed and during the neap tides, the flow is slower allowing both the fish and the angler to spend the best time on the flats. High tides over the 24 hour period vary every 6 hours per day and change about 50 minutes from day to day, that is, if the fishing is good at 3:00 PM one day it will be similar 50 minutes later the following day. In layman’s terms the best fishing is found during the top two-thirds of an incoming tide and the first third of an outgoing tide. This is a period of about 4 hours a day. Another factor that influences the appetite of the fish is whether the moon is full during the dark of the night and if the weather is clear fish will tend to feed at night. Remember to fish the shallow flats during the high tide and the deeper water during the low tide.

Tide Information Sources:
Moon Phases
If you’re asking yourself “what does the moon have to do with the successful fishing trip”, consider that the moon controls the tides and the tides control the best times of the month and of the day for fishing, especially in the salt water environment. Knowing when the tides are favorable can maximize and predict when the fish will enter the flats during the day on the ascending and descending tides. This is definitely important information for the angler.

Here is a helpful tool to approximate the lunar cycle for any month. To obtain the information, log in and give the dates in the future that you are anticipating being on your trip. Coordinate this information with your destination and have Castafly help you work with the lodge of your choice to maximize the best times of the day to be on the flats. This tool can be of great help when planning the daily fishing for your trip.

Health Concerns

Below is a link for the traveler to use to communicate with the CDC to find if there are any health warnings in the area that you’ll be traveling in. This information isn’t something that the average traveler usually needs to pay a lot of attention to but there are some locations that do at times have health warnings and advisories that should be heeded. Stay healthy. Be informed. Go to the CDC website for details on your travel area.

Travel Documents
The passport as issued by United States Department of State is the only internationally recognized form of identification that can be used for international travel. I verifies your personage and gives pertinent data to foreign countries about who you are and enables them through an international network to determine whether you’re a persona non grata. Castafly Travel will work with you to determine whether a visa for any particular country is necessary but in general a passport is your identification for travel.

There are 13 regional passport offices and 7000 passport acceptance offices located in Post Offices, libraries and government offices to make application at for your first passport but the renewal process can be completed by mail. The passport itself is good for ten years, with an ever changing cost, today it’s $97.00, so it’s best to go online to U.S. Department of State, 877-487-2778, or go to their web site to obtain both the most up to date information and to down load the forms. These forms are also available at the Post Office and various government agencies. You must allow 6 weeks for your physical copy to arrive or for an expediting fee of $60.00 you can have the time reduced significantly. There are private companies that have the ability to expedite this process and below is a list and contact information.

Weather Information
As you are probably aware there are a number of sources for finding out the current weather including newspapers and the internet. Though it is true that no one is perfect in predicting the weather, one can use then resources available to help understand today and to predict the weather in the near future. Some of the sites are, NOAA or Weather Underground. Some of these sites predict out to 10 days in the future but weather underground has the ability to take historic data and collate it into a prediction for the future.