About Castafly

About Castafly Travel
Our Mission:

The mission of Castafly Travel is very simple and straightforward. We provide honest, informative, real information to our clients about the fishing destinations that we represent. We are not in the business or serving up fluff to make a trip or a fish sound more glamorous. We have been there and we are also guides so keeping your best fishing interests at heart is what we do. Castafly is looking for long term relationships and our history proves that we are in this "fly fishing game" for the long haul. We have never been about being in the limelight or yearning to be the biggest travel agent in fly fishing industry - we pride ourselves on staying small and making our clients the happiest out there! Give us a chance and you will find out for yourself!


The main goal of Castafly Travel is to surpass your your expectations whether you are visiting Kamchatka, the Seychelles or just a day float on our home waters of Montana. We promise you that all aspects of your trip will be well taken care of.

Who is Castafly?

Castafly Travel is a family of guides, outfitters and clients that started out 15 years ago fishing all the rivers of Montana.  Our core is built on servicing anglers for years on rivers like the Yellowstone, Madison and Missouri. From there the branches were grown to places like Alaska, Argentina, Bahamas, Mexico, Russia and many others. By taking an attitude of providing real information in a real way we have fished not only ourselves around the planet but also our small, family of clients. Together, we have shared memorable stories, catches and life experiences that are priceless. We will always strive to continue this and can't wait to share our new experiences!

Robert Boyce - Main Contact!

Robert Boyce
Robert has lived in Bozeman, MT for the past 18 years and has enjoyed all of the local Montana waters not only for fun but for outfitting as well.

He began his guiding career in Alaska and over the years has become a full service outfitter operating on the waters of Southwest Montana. Coupled with his time living in Montana Robert has also acquired a tremendous amount of experience fishing throughout the world including the destinations and lodges of Alaska, Montana, Russia, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, BC, Argentina and many others. He enjoys trout first but, the saltwater species haunt him right around the beginning of every winter in Bozeman.

Robert’s enjoyment of outfitting and taking care of your fishing travel needs is not only passionate but contagious and you can rest assured that he will set you up at the right place at the right time.

When Robert is not out on the water or arranging the details of your trip he spends his off time enjoying all of what the Bozeman area has to offer with his wife Katie.

What Do We Provide?

For free, we provide you with:   
  • Honest and informative information about all of our destinations, fishing situations, guides and an overview of what you can honestly expect from your trip
  • Plenty of information so you can pick the trip that will not only surpass what you are looking for but will put you in the situation for success. This means having a "heart to heart" about your fishing experience and capabilities so when you arrive at the moment of truth you can have honest expectations of what will happen!
  • Constant attention to your trip details.
  • The passion to fish anywhere at anytime whether it is for an early morning hatch, an incoming tide full of tailing bonefish, or a place that you have never heard of and is a complete fishing gamble. We love it all and when we are doing what we do Castafly is constantly thinking of our clients!
  • No glamour, no fluff, no image, no bulls%&@!
Contact Us Anytime:
  • Toll Free: 877-311-8359
  • International: 406-581-9577 USA
  • E-Mail: info@castaflytravel.com
  • P.O. Box 11923 Bozeman, MT, 59719